The goal of LGBTS Christians of East Texas group is to provide a safe place for people seeking to reconcile faith and sexuality; meeting regularly to explore scripture, learn different views on current events, encourage one another, and break down the walls of shame, ignorance, and condemnation built by decades of hate and rejection. We believe that the grace and love of Christ are meant for everyone, not just the straight community.  



1. Promoting spiritual growth and intimacy with God:

We want to help each individual to strengthen their relationship with God. When we are able to move beyond reconciling our faith and sexuality, there is a potential for continued spiritual growth as we continue our journey with Christ. Moving forward in our faith; helps us to lead richer more fulfilling lives. 

2. Creating a safe atmosphere for open discussion of LGBT issues:

Controversy and convictions tend to make opening up very difficult for a lot of us. We hope to approach each subject and question with love and an open mind, being aware that there are many differing views and opinions taught on LGBT issues. Our meeting format promotes sharing with consideration for the person speaking without crosstalk or interruption. 

3. Educating and encouraging the LGBT Community on the true Word of God:

We believe that God does not hate homosexuality or homosexuals and in fact does bless loving, monogamous same sex relationships. The Bible is multi-faceted and to truly understand what the text is saying we must look beyond the printed script on the page. We will study biblical history, culture, context, and the true meaning of original text to understand and share with others. 

4. Providing support to family, friends, and allies. 

We cannot walk this journey alone, we need each other. Many of us have experienced strained relationships after coming out. Our hope is to be a bridge for family members to gain understanding and help to repair broken ties within families and friendships. 

5. Encouraging peace between the Church and the LGBT Community.