Pastor John David Creamer and Jerry Bailey started talking about starting a group that would help bring together the LGBT Community and Christian Communityin East Texas. We had discussed how the LGBT Community seemed to have ill feelings towards the Christian Community and the Christian Community had ill feelings towards the LGBT Community. There didn't seem to be a place for those who were both LGBT and Christian. That is when this group was birthed. It is our intention to let people realize that you can be LGBT and Christian and that it is not an oxymoron. We wanted an organization that would help people explore scripture, learn different views on current events, encourage one another, and break down the walls of shame, ignorance, and condemnation built by decades of hate and rejection. We believe that the grace and love of Christ are meant for everyone. We also want Christians to realize that we are normal, everyday people who can love the Lord and have a true committed relationship with Him as well. 

Jerry Bailey, Director